Prime Source Cizine

Prime Source Cizine – Nutritional supplement
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Prime Source Cizine – Nutritional supplement

Need state of the product :

Wound healing is a process of repairing the skin after an injury. Delayed healing is an invitation to various infections and affects the immune system of the body. Supplementation of ascorbic acid in combination with zinc improves the human immune system. Prime Source Cizine consists of these two essential elements, which helps you recover quickly from the damage and scars on your skin.

Key ingredients :

  • Ascorbic acid + Zinc

How does it work :

Prime Source Cizine consists of ascorbic acid and zinc which increase the number of immune cells that help to recover quickly from the trauma by gently healing the wound, thereby enhancing the immune system.

Directions for use :

Take the tablet orally. Either dissolve it by placing it on the tongue or put it in a glass of water and allow it to dissolve and drink all the liquid. Do not chew or swallow the tablet.

Pack Size :

10 Eff. tablets

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