Combined with goodness of potent floral & botanical extracts which are

Scientifically & Clinically Proven


  • Anti-inflammatory, Speeds epithelialisation, Antioxidant
  • Rich in Bisabolol Chamazulene


  • Antimicrobial, Anti wrinkle, Antiinflammatory
  • Rich in Carvacrol Limonene


  • Photoprotective, Anti-oxidant, Restores skin elasticity
  • Rich in Rosemarinic Acid, Rosemariquinones Caffeic Acid Marigold


  • Anti-microbial, Accelerates epithelialization, scar healing
  • Rich in triterperonoids, flavonoids & carotenoids


  • Exfoliator & skin rejuvenator, emollient, stimulates collagen formation
  • Rich in vitamin c, linoleic acid & retinoic acid


  • Reduces hyper melanosis pigmentation, protects from photoaging
  • Rich in vitamin E, Iso-flavones

Flower Power enriched

  • Flower Power that helps in all stages of Acne
  • Lightens Hyperpigmentation Brightens the skin
  • Prevents and Reduces Stretch Marks
  • Treats scars, returns the normal skin tone
  • For Visibly Younger Looking SKIN

Flower power designed to reach deeper

I.M.C.E technology designed for floral extract to reach deeper to skin.

Benefits of I.M.C.E.

  • Forms a thin protective hydrophobic film on the skin surface & protects from oxidative stress
  • Prevents dryness and keeps skin moisturized, smooth and supple all day long
  • Penetrates skin faster and takes active ingredients deeper
  • Assures healing & rejuvenation of skin from deep within
  • Very light, spreads easily
  • No greasy feeling

How to use?

  • OLS is usually applied twice daily: in the morning after bathing and before applying further make-up, and again at night before sleeping
  • It is advisable to apply at night for sensitive skin
  • Use daily for minimum of 3 months for best results