Gassofiz- Acidity reliever
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Gassofiz- Acidity reliever

Need state of the product :

Acidity occurs due to the excess production of acids in the stomach. Intake of spicy food or starvation causes acidity. The person suffers from indigestion, bloating feeling, acid reflux, and heartburns. Gassofiz is an acidity reliever and instantly provides relief from gastric discomforts.

How does it work :

Gassofiz is a fast-acting effervescent antacid which chemically neutralizes stomach gastric acids and relieves the person from gastric discomforts. It is also available in a tangy lemony flavour.

Directions for use :

Empty the powder in a glass of water, stir it, allow it to dissolve and drink all the liquid.

Pack Size :

1 of 5g

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