Spot On Hot Cream

Spot On hot cream – Muscle pain reliever
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Spot On hot cream – Muscle pain reliever

Need state of the product :

Muscle pain is the most common pain a person experiences. It is caused due to stress, cramps, rheumatic pain, bruises, overexertion and stiffness of joints. The pain causes discomfort. Spot On hot cream is a muscle pain reliever used for the rapid relief of muscular aches and pain.

Key ingredients :

  • Menthol, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil and methyl salicylate cream

How does it work :

Spot On hot cream is a pain relief cream that penetrates down through the skin, it affects the muscles and soft tissues and finally penetrates to the connective tissues of the joints. This cream relaxes the muscles and provides immediate relief from pain and aches.

Directions for use :

Apply the cream gently and massage it on the affected area until completely absorbed. Repeat it 2 to 3 times daily.

Pack Size :

1 tube of 30g

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